Etiquette and Rules

Here at Aperture Science the Mirus project, we like to keep everyone happy. This page can show you how. Listed below are a set of guidelines and rules that we hope you can apply whilst interacting with Mirus.

Discussion Boards
  • Please be considerate of others
  • Don't use ALL CAPS or SHOUT
  • Please don't talk like you don't know what you are doing or bring shame to the American language
    • Example: yo dood, u no dat u spelling isnt very well lol
  • We do not tolerate YOLO in any way, shape, or form.
  • Don't troll. Trolling is by definition doing things to get a reaction out of others. If someone is trolling you on the discussion boards, just ignore it and notify an admin. Do not respond.
  • Try to be helpful
  • Respect others

OCA Rules
Mirus is a member of the Open Cosmos Alliance (Site), or the OCA. The OCA binds members by the following rules:
  • Always obey and regard the rules of a projects forums
  • Never steal source code
  • Never say insulting things about another OS on their own forums, only suggest improvements.
  • Never target a specific member of a project
  • Never ever start a flame war with another project, if this looks like it is about to happen the project concerned must delete the thread immediately
  • Do not say things about inactive developers, they are probably working on something behind the scenes.
  • Never say things about your OS which aren't true
  • Always listen to other members of your project and never put them down
  • Never be racist or sexist at any point
  • Any person who is a member of the OCA must linkback see full rules.
  • No swearing (NEVER USE f***,c**t, ONLY USE s***, c**p IF NOT AIMED AT ANYONE, * "british" swearing is fine)
  • When a project coordinator changes the thread title, the change is final
  • No false information
  • NEVER publicly abuse or annoy a member of another project, social networks etc.

  • Do not deface the source
  • Note that access will not be given immediately
  • Comment accordingly to your edits to help us keep things straight
  • We love IntelliSense documentation and XML comments
  • Add descriptions to check-ins

  • Be respectful
  • Help manage the community
  • You are not above the law.

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