Joining and How To Help

The Mirus project is young and always eager to have new developers and editors. It doesn't matter if you have little skill in C#, hardly any OS experience or not. We have tutorials available, and people willing to help get you up to par in these skills.

To join, simply send a request through the Job Application function of Codeplex or the "People" tab of the navigation bar. We would request that you post a small post about yourself in the "Introductions" discussion board, as well as a sample of your work so that we can assure that you are not a bot, and that you are actually willing to help, as well as helping with "Get to know you" purposes. We also ask that once you apply, you make yourself familiar with the Etiquette guidelines and rules of the project.

We could always use developers. Please note that developers are not given access to the main source branch immediately. Each developer is given a "playground" branch that they may push experiments and tests to, to which access is given once it is created. You may also edit the site documentation to accompany your changes.

Editors simply edit the project site. We do have some Wiki Formatting Guidelines that we would request you follow, simply for consistency and elegance of the look. Editors can create documentation, and help maintain the site.

We don't generally need these. You will most likely only be one if you are invited. Sorry!

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