About the Rewrite

Rewrite in progress as of 11/15/2012

Why Rewrite?
The rewrite is happening due to some messy code, that is not well thought out. This will help solidify the base goals of the project.

Who's Rewriting?
joshbeitler is rewriting.

What is Implemented ATM?
  • API Functions
    • Kernel APIs
    • AttributeMatrix class
  • Drivers
    • Driver base class with permissions
    • ACPI
  • Subsystems
    • Fault safety
    • Redundancy
    • Driver subsystem
    • Subsystem Manager

Rewrite News
  • 11/17/2012 - The new kernel boots, not very fast though. There is a few second latency between the time VMWare loads Mirus and the time that the test suite starts. May try to fix- if not possible we'll just slap a boot screen on it xD

How Is This Going To Work?
  • Mirus will be a microkernel
  • Drivers that work!
    • FS
    • High res VGA
  • Actual OS theory!
  • No more noobing around in the dark!

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