Building Mirus

Mirus is dependent on the Cosmos toolkit. That being said, you will need to meet not only its, but also Mirus' system requirements, listed here: Requirements.

Building Mirus is very simple. Download the latest release that has verified build status from your favourite branch or fork. Next, unpack the zip file to a directory on your hard drive. In the root, open the "mirus" folder, and proceed to open mirus.sln. This will open Visual Studio. It is recommended that you build the project from the Build menu before continuing. This will build dependencies that were not included in source control. Next, just start debugging (F5, Debug > Start Debugging, or the debug icon on the toolbar). VMware should open and boot Mirus.

  • Make sure that the solution configuration is set to "Debug"
  • Make sure that all requirements are met
  • If you have trouble, make sure to ask about it on the boards.

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