Navigating Source

This is part of a series on the Source Code

The source code can be downloaded from the "Source Code" tab, via a zip package or through TFS. It is recommended that you use TFS, as your source can always be up to day.

In the root directory, you can find README, LEGAL, COPYING, INSTALLING, and BUILDING files. These are simply plain text files, and can be opened with the text editor of your choice. ALso in the root directory is the solution file.

In the "mirus" folder, you will find the code for the Mirus kernel and core components. The main entry point is "Kernel.cs". The "mirus/Core" folder contains Kernel, System, and Userspace components.

The "mirus/Core/Kernel" folder contains multitasking, HAL, memory and low level components. In "mirus/Core/System" you will find system calls, drivers, filesystem, setup, and kernel libraries. In the "mirus/Core/User" folder you can find applications that are embedded into the kernel, API components, and the usermanager.

The "mirus/Etc" folder contains miscellaneous items that are not necessarily kernel related or have no other specific location.

The "mirus/Prime" folder contains runtime and executable loading code.

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